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“Aura has a great attention to detail. We worked together on a few projects defined by the importance of minutiae and her ability to stay on top of each little aspect ensured our success.”

Brad Bennett, Strategy Director

“Aura is a great web professional with many talents. She primarily worked for me as a web producer, but easily slid into other roles as necessary to get the job done from design to copy writing to photography. Aura is very detailed oriented, able to communicate very effectively with clients, and has a very good sense of resource projection and management. All in all, Aura would be a great asset to anyone looking to hire her.”
Dave Bovenschulte, VP of Strategy
“Aura is a work-minded individual who really cares about the final product. She is superb at dealing with clients and is a pleasure to work with.”

Adam Stern, CTO

“Aura was one of the many Producers I reported to at iNDELIBLE Media. She is a wonderful person to work with, as well as very professional and patient and understanding when it came to learning new things in the corporate aspect of the design world. She was absolutely a pleasure to work with and I was extremely happy to assist her on many projects with high profile clients, with whom she handled business with very well. I would absolutely recommend Aura as she is very skilled in her field, very poised and professional, and has an excellent trained eye when it comes to design and aesthetics.”

Steph Brescia, Senior Project Manager

“Was an abosolute talent to have had on our team. She was always very professional and made sure to we met our deadlines on time. It was a pleasure working with her.”

Stella Barber, Executive Assistant 

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